` Doc Scott Interview

Doc Scott Interview

Saturday night sees the 3rd instalment of 31 Recordings presents Future. After debuting in January 2016, and another successful party in the summer of 2016 we decided to team up with Doc Scott to bring you another night of extended sets from the genres best and most forward thinking DJs and producers. Leading up to Saturday night we sat down with none other than label head, and Future founder / resident Doc Scott to talk all things Future, Drum & Bass and Underground Music Culture in general. Check it out below!

Lightbox: Since launching last year Future has been getting loads of attention in the scene, talk us through the
concept of the parties and why after so many years in the game you have decided to start promoting

Doc: Well after a great summer touring in 2016, I returned to the UK with and wondered why all my best
DJ experiences were overseas, I didn’t think this was right and said as much in a public post on my
Facebook artist page. The next day I awoke to an amazing positive response urging me to do a night,
I’ve never felt compelled to do anything before but with this kind of response I felt the time was right
to try and do something.

Lightbox: How have you approached programming at the Future events? The eclectic nature of the label is
definitely reflected in some of the previous bookings. Artists like J Kenzo and Stray in particular
highlight the broad selection of sounds the label represents. Is there a vibe you aim for when putting
together a lineup or is it more to invite people you’re feeling at the moment and enjoy the set they

Doc: I just look for people who I admire musically as DJs or artists and ask them to come down and play,
with the promise of a longer set and a crowd that are open minded. I’m interested in people who
are pushing interesting music and taking risks. Obviously its primarily a DNB night but its about all
forms of bass music so anything goes, the DJs have freedom to do whatever they want and I try to
encourage that, not that I need to.

Lightbox: Obviously you’ve had one of the most successful careers as a Drum and Bass/Jungle DJ. Other than
these genres what music do you listen to and take influence from?

Doc: My first love is techno, its what I listen to most but I try to listen to all kinds of music, electronic, rock, hip hop, anything and I take influences from everything I listen to. Discovering new music and new
artists is one the greatest joys in life.

Lightbox: Your sets are known for being versatile showcasing both old and new music. In your opinion, how has
underground music culture changed since the days of Metalheadz at the Blue Note?

Doc: Well there’s a lot more of it, music that is, I personally get sent around 200 tracks a week, its time
consuming but enjoyable as well. For me my mentality is the same, I still think of myself as
underground, the culture has changed slightly but I don’t think I have.

Lightbox: You’ve spoken in the past about how important the autonomic podcasts were to keeping your
interest in dnb alive, who would you say is pushing the boundaries of what the sound can achieve
now to the same degree as say DBridge and instar:mental were doing back then?

Doc: Well Dbridge is still doing it, as are, off the top of my head, Ivy Lab, Alix Perez, Kid Drama, Skeptical, a whole bunch of people to be honest, the music is being pushed, you just need to look a bit harder than you did In the past to get past all the 50 track bubble gum compilation albums.

Lightbox: You can pick one DJ to do an all-night B2B set with, who do you choose?

Doc: Goldie, always a ton of fun and completely unpredictable.

Doc plays Future this Saturday night alongside Crypticz, Loxy, Mark System and Skeptical with DRS & SPMC on hosting duties. For tickets and info please click the flyer below.